ADRC Governing Board

  • The ADRC Governing Board is made up of 8 members (4 from each county) with 2 of those members being County Board Supervisors. The other 6 members are citizen members that represent older persons, individuals with physical disabilities, and individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities.

  • ADRC board members are ambassadors of the ADRC. Board members help to “spread the word” about the ADRC and about the services the ADRC provides. Board members are active people in their community. They may receive questions from neighbors or family members about the ADRC. They can help raise awareness about the ADRC by promoting the work of the ADRC in the community.

  • The Governing Board shall be accountable for the oversight of the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Buffalo and Pepin Counties. The ADRC Contract with the State requires one of the counties to be the lead county for the contract. The Governing Board shall provide the lead county with review, advice and recommendations concerning the administration of ADRC services. The Governing Board shall provide reports and recommendations to their home Committees, which are the Pepin County Department of Human Services Board and the Buffalo County Health & Human Services Board. 

  • Meetings occur at minimum quarterly and the meeting location rotates between Durand and Alma. There is also a virtual option for attending meetings. 

  • Interested in becoming a member of the ADRC Governing Board? Please fill out the application and send to