Options Counseling

For some, receiving information and being linked to resources is all that is needed. For others who are experiencing chronic health conditions or a major life change, a more in-depth discussion may be needed. ADRC Specialists are available to help you weigh out your long-term care options and support you in deciding which options are best for your specific situation. An ADRC Specialist provides education on each of the options available to you and then provides decision-support to help you narrow down which services and programs will best meet your needs.

Some examples of situations when options counseling is recommended include transitioning from school-based services and programming to long-term programs for adults with disabilities; experiencing a significant medical event such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury; the loss of a spouse who was your primary caregiver; or transitioning to an out of home placement. Call 1-866-578-2372 for ADRC Specialist services.