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ADRC Community Resource Fair – This annual event, hosted by the ADRC and Adult Protective Services Unit of Buffalo and Pepin Counties, offers guest speakers and a variety of vendor resources, intended to aid persons who are aging and/or living with a disability, as well as their caregivers. The location of this summer-time event changes each year.

Awareness Cards for Persons with Dementia - Make everyday outings a bit easier by carrying these small 'business cards' which read: "I am living with dementia and may require an extra moment or helping hand. Thank you for your patience and kindness." (Note: Cards may be customized to your preference.) These cards discreetly notify others that you may need additional time or assistance to complete a transaction or carry out a specific task. 

Awareness Cards for Caregivers – Enjoy everyday outings with the support of Awareness Cards. These small ‘business cards’ read: “My loved one lives with dementia. We appreciate your patience and kindness.” This can alert community members to your loved one’s care needs, in a discreet manner. Also available are cards which read: "My loved one has dementia and sometimes say or does things that are unexpected. Thank you for understanding!" 

Brain Health 101 - A presentation which offers current information related to promoting and maintaining brain health. Sub topics include diet, physical activity, cognitive (brain) exercises, and more! 

Brain Health Check-Ups – Free and quick brain health check-ups, used as a tool to identify changes in memory or cognition. All screenings are confidential. 

Dementia 101 – A presentation which covers the basics of dementia and how dementia differs from general effects of aging. 

Dementia Friends (DF) – DF is a global movement with the mission of changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia. This one-hour DF presentation includes information about ways to better interact and support those living with dementia. Dementia Friendly Business Training is available too!

Dementia Live (DL) - DL is a hands-on, dementia simulation.  This experience is for persons looking to better understand what it’s like to live with the sensory deficits of dementia.

DICE Approach - This is a process that aims to help caregivers manage the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. Caregivers may access DICE training at no cost by visiting Training | The DICE Approach. The goal of this program is to target the underlying causes of symptoms and create a plan to resolve or minimize them. 

Home Visits – A Dementia Care Specialist can provide home visits to family caregivers and persons living with dementia, to provide recommendations and resources that are relevant to their needs. 

Lunch Bunch – Caregiving for a loved one with dementia can be challenging and lonely. ‘Lunch Bunch’ is a virtual support and resources group, hosted on the last Monday of each month, from 11:30am-12:30pm. This group allows caregivers to speak of their experiences, challenges, and successes, in the company of others who understand them.

Memory Café – Cafés are social gatherings for persons living with dementia, as well as persons interested in brain-healthy activities and life-long learning. Each café offers a program or activity that is enlightening and fun. The Coffee and Conversation Café takes place on the second Thursday of each month, from 11:00am-12:00pm at Wings Over Alma. Registration is not required.

Savvy Caregiver Training – This is an evidenced-based program, attended by caregivers once weekly, for six weeks. Each meeting lasts two hours. Caregivers are able to learn new skills and strategies to care for their loved ones with dementia. *Coming soon! 

Project Life Saver (PLS) – PLS is a program intended to promote the safety of persons with dementia who commonly wander. As part of the program, individuals wear a transmitter, about the size of a watch face, which allows first responders to locate them using radio waves. This program is available for Pepin County residents only.

Purple Tube Project (PTP) – PTP is a collaborative effort between the ADRC and local law enforcement, to support community members living with dementia. The purpose of the program is to improve a potential crisis/emergency response by first responders. Person-centered information is gathered and stored in the home of a person living with dementia. This information is then made available to first responders if ever needed. Purple Tube Project Training Video for EMS, FD, PD, Crisis Personnel

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For more information, contact Chelsey, Dementia Care Specialist. PH: 715-279-7870 | Email:

A Dementia Care Specialist (DCS) is a team member within the ADRC who offers support, education, and resources to persons with dementia, their caregivers, and community members. DCS consults are free and confidential. Your calls and emails are welcomed!

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Web Resources for Caregivers 

Dementia Careblazers - Your place for everything dementia- Careblazers TV (

Natali Edmonds is a board-certified Geropsychologist and founder of Dementia Careblazers. On her YouTube channel, Natali provides education regarding dementia and caregiving. She speaks of her exploration of effective, creative, and compassionate approaches to dementia care.


Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care - Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care - YouTube

Teepa Snow is a globally known Dementia Care Specialist and developer of the Positive Approach to Care (PAC). On her YouTube channel, Teepa provides education regarding dementia, behavior changes resulting from dementia, and how to support those living with dementia in a positive and respectful way.


James L. West Center for Dementia – James L. West Center for Dementia Care - YouTube

James L. West is a faith-inspired, nonprofit organization serving persons impacted by dementia. It offers personalized, innovative care and support to families, as well as specialized education for caregivers and community members.


Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Dementia Care: Online Training for Family Caregivers | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

WI DHS offers a 90-minute training video to caregivers of persons living with dementia. The video offers information about dementia, strategies for caregiving, and self-care.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - RESOURCES - Office of Rural Health (

Veterans Affairs offers a free video series related to dementia caregiving. Topics include Improving Communication, Intimacy, Preventing Financial Mismanagement, Minimizing Inappropriate Behavior, Recognizing and Managing Pain, Engaging in Meaningful Activities, and MANY MORE.



Respite Care Association of Wisconsin (RCAW) - Respite Care Association of WisconsinRespite Services | RCAW | Respite Care Association of Wisconsin (

RCAW provides information related to respite care, as well as maintains a state-wide respite caregiver registry. RCAW also offers grants to families in need of respite care funding.


Phone Apps for Caregivers 

Recommended by AARP, 2022 

  • Carely – A social network-like app ideal for tag-team caregiving, as it allows invited individuals to communicate and coordinate caregiver responsibilities and track appointments via a shared calendar. Allows for shared photos, direct messages, and posts with comments or questions (i.e. “Is anyone available to stay with Mom on Monday?”).
  • Caring Village – An app that allows you create a custom “village” or team, to coordinate activities such as transportation and meals. Easily assign roles within the app, as well as create checklists, upload important documents, synchronize calendars, track medications, and keep a wellness journal if desired.
  • Lotsa Helping Hands – An app that’s just as it sounds – allowing for creating and coordinating a community of care around a loved one. Coordinate meals, rides, appointments, and visits. Also post updates and announcements, rather than having to make multiple phone calls, texts, and emails to family.
  • Medisafe – An app with one simple, but important goal: to send personalized reminders for each of your/ your loved one’s medications. Along with a reminder alarm when it’s time to take medications, you can receive notifications when medications are running low and coupons and discounts as available. Also receive ‘drug interaction’ alerts if you aren’t recommended to be combining certain medications.
  • Dementia Talk – A helpful app that aids in understanding and managing the needs of a loved one with dementia. Create and utilize a care plan, medication list/schedule, and behavior tracker.


24/7 Alzheimer's Helpline

The Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline is available to individuals and families and offers free support, resources, and dementia-related information. Dial 1-800-272-3900.


Neighboring Events and Opportunities

North American Squirrel AssociationNon Profit Organization | People with Disabilities | Senior Activities (

Offers no-cost programming to folks in Western Wisconsin who are living with physical or developmental disabilities, as well as those living with dementia. Events and activities include fishing, pontoon rides, water and snow skiing, range shooting, golf, and more. Events and activities are modified per participants’ physical and cognitive abilities. Events take place in the Holmen, Onalaska, and Tomah communities.

Reminiscing on the Ranch

A no-cost program hosted by Trinity Equestrian Center in Eau Claire, which offers enrichment through direct equine exposure. This program allows persons with dementia and their caregivers to enjoy horses through care taking and brushing, as well as through volunteer-led demonstrations. Email or call 715-835-4530.

Men’s Group

A social gathering for men who are caregiving for persons living with dementia. Coffee, support, and education are provided. Events are free and hosted by the ADRC of Eau Claire County. Events take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, from 11:00am-12:00pm, at Peace Lutheran Church (501 E Fillmore Ave, Eau Claire). Contact Bob Vogler at or 414-378-2114.

 Information Updated June 2024