About Long Term Care

“Long-term care is any service or support that a person may need because of a disability, getting older, or having a chronic illness that limits their ability to do the things that are part of their daily routine. This includes things, such as bathing, getting dressed, making meals, going to work, and paying bills.” (www.dhs.wisconsin.gov)

The state of Wisconsin has Long-Term Care Programming that is available to individuals who meet financial and functional eligibility requirements. Family Care and IRIS are Long-Term Care Programs available in our counties. The goal of both programs is to help keep individuals in their own homes. Both programs are similar in that they can provide necessary supports and services to consumers who are enrolled. However, there are some key differences with the programs as well.

Family Care involves a team of people, including a Care Manager and Registered Nurse, who help you develop a plan of care to meet your health and safety needs. The team works together to identify what services are needed, what services are available, and how to gain access to the necessary care and services.

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) is a self-directed program, which means that you are responsible for determining what goods, supports and services are needed to help you achieve your goals. With IRIS, a budget is established based on your long-term care needs. This budget is used to pay for the goods, supports, and services that are needed. It is your responsibility to manage your monthly budget, choose the individuals or agencies you want to hire, and complete important paperwork for the program and your workers. You will be assigned an IRIS consultant to help support your self-direction.

Anyone interested in receiving publicly funded long-term care services through the Family Care or IRIS programs MUST meet with an ADRC Specialist and complete what is referred to as Options Counseling. A functional screen will need to be completed by the ADRC Specialist to determine if you meet the functional eligibility requirements. The ADRC Specialist will assist you in determining if you meet the financial eligibility requirements as part of Options Counseling as well.

Please call 1-866-578-2372 for Long-Term Care Programming assistance