ADRC Specialist

Aging & Disability Resource Center also known as the ADRC are the first place to go with your aging and disability questions. They are warm and friendly “information stations” where you can obtain accurate, unbiased information related to aging or living with a disability. Services through the ADRC are always FREE of cost.

ADRC Specialist staff at the Aging and Disability Resource Center assist customers in determining their needs and help link them to available services and resources within their community and surrounding areas. Information is provided on a wide range of topics such as transportation, in-home care, respite, assistive technology, funding for out of home placement in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living, and so on. Information and Assistance is also provided to those who need help with benefits including social security disability, Medicare and Medicaid insurance, Food Share, and more.

Our staff can meet with you wherever you are most comfortable, whether that be at your home, the ADRC office or in a public setting of your choice.

The ADRC of Buffalo and Pepin Counties has a Resource Guide which contains information about many of the services and resources available. A copy of the Resource Guide can be provided to you upon request, or you can access it online by clicking on the link titled Resource Directory.

Please Call 1-866-578-2372 for ADRC Specialist services